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3 Penny Stock To Watch in 2016 (part 3)

NVAX or Novavax Inc. NVAX a is biotechnology stand out focusing vaccines like flu and rabies. NVAX company use Recombinant Nanoparticle Technology to producing the vaccines within weeks. The company uses synthetic genes to make vaccines more efficient. FBR Capital Markets earlier stated that the company noteworthy milestone when NVAX completed the enrollment for respiratory syncytial virus vaccine phase 3 study.FBR believes the results of the company milestone will send the NVAX stock much higher and it makes current shares price is a good investment opportunity.

Money Morning believed that penny stock of NVAX could rise up even higher and gain 400 % or more over several years and currently, the company stock prices trades near $5.50 and puts NVAX become the expensive end for a penny stock. NVAX penny stock still has plenty of capacity to rise.
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Find out the risk factors of choosing the company for your investment

As mentioned, you can start to consider for your first investment. Once you find the right place to invest your stock and then get the profit, will you continue the investment with the larger amount of money? The answer may be simple by which you just need to say “yes” or “no”, but the problem is that you don’t know what will happen to the company when you have the part of company’s ownership, right?

Choosing the stock would be better when you already know the risk factors of choosing the company. So find out about factors that could potentially affect the company’s performance and its future growth. Does the company try something new and untested? Do you find the signs the company will need financing soon? It would be better to find more risks in order to ensure that your investment will produce a profit even for the long-term period.