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Day Spa Services

Different services and techniques are available to heal, repair, and relax your muscles. Day spa raleigh involve a warm, rare stone that provides heat to tense muscles while knots and stressed areas are being worked out by a skilled touch. Other massages are made for athletes who are constantly straining certain muscles. By targeting these spots your body and performance will be overall improved. You can even reach out to your hands and feet that are craving some special attention.

Facials are another key service that you can package in your day at the spa. For women these are especially helpful as skin is often masked with makeup, never fully allowing the face to breathe. Not only will massaging your face bring satisfaction, but so will your skins rejuvenated appearance when you depart from the building. Special creams and treatments will be applied that are designed to soften the skin and allow for healing to take place.

Perhaps you want to spend your spa day bouncing around from service to service. Complete your facial and chosen massage with a little bit of beauty products. Cut, color, and style your hair or receive a full scalp massage. Tend to your nails by trimming and painting them to your liking. Round the day off with waxing any part of your body. Services can be found to target any area you desire. These days come far and few between so don’t hesitate to treat your entire body exactly as you please.