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Does Jump Manual Really Work Work?

In this Jump Manual review, you are going to learn about Jump Manual, a training program designed by Jacob Hiller. The program comprises of training program plus step-by-step guide which claims it’s able to add up to 10 inches, or more of your vertical jump. It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

What’s Jump Manual?

This is among the best vertical training programs you can find today. The manual is a whole program of vertical jump training. Jump Manual shows which days to train, reps, techniques, sets, and some video demonstration of all workouts used. Also it provides you information on nutrition plus recovery.

Workout Chart

The workout chart is the way you’ll see the program’s layout. It’s a chart that shows which days you will train, and what workouts you do, and when. It’s the guide and you should precisely follow it.

What exercises are included in Jump Manual?

You should be ready to jump a lot. However, that’s not all you’ll be doing. It also has some basic plyometric exercises to perform. There are also some advanced exercises. They are both challenging and fun. And it’s not just plyometric jumps. You will mix in sprints plus other exercises and core work, stretching, and upper-body-work.

How Long Can You Access it?

You can access it immediately. When you buy the program, you are going to receive email with info on how you can access it. You must download this program to your computer. And then you log in to Jump Manual, and you will have access to everything in the program.

Does the Program Come With Anything Else?

· Lean Power Protocol which is some nutritional guide for maximum gains

· Personalized analysis where you have your jumping techniques assessed by a professional

· Beast Hoops is an upper-body training plan for basketball players


Jump Manual is a training program that has proven itself that it really works. Many people who have tried it have given their thumbs up. You can read numerous positive reviews online. Ask yourself why you should spend another day feeling like you are missing something. You can get your training now on track by simply ordering Jump Manual, and see the improvement of your verticals before your eyes.