The Intelligence Professional

This page once was one of the most regularly visited intelligence officer sites on the Internet. The popularity of the site was based on two things - craft related material and frequent updates to its pages. We enjoyed producing "The Intelligence Professional" for more than twenty-five years - it had its start in 1980 with a mail-out printed bulletin. We were among the first to open up the subject of intelligence and analysis for the general world public with our first Internet display in 1997.

We here at The Palmer Press appreciate you who have been our steady readers since the beginning. We also appreciate all the authors The Dating Doctor of the articles who had their start with us and whose analytical materials were later picked up by various forms of the media. We experienced 1,933,000 hits on our web pages since 1997 which proved to us that we had what you readers desired.

We are still very much in the book business (Criminal Intelligence Analysis and Crime Analysis Charting) and as long as they continue to move well, we will make them available. We hold all rights to the name, The Palmer Press, and we will sell it should we receive a satisfactory offer. We will consider selling our copyrights on the books that we sell under The Palmer Press publishing, as well.

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